Our mission is to scale social impact enterprises in the Bay Area that improve the lives of individuals globally.


One of our core beliefs is that the social impact ecosystem requires deeper and more frequent collaboration among the main players: For-profit businesses large and small, impact investors, foundations, the not-for-profit sector, and the public sector. Those of us in the ONE WORLD ecosystem understand how to navigate and ultimately find synergy across these pockets of professionals and organizations that often operate independently. Additionally, organizations have choices in terms of how they operate––the sustainability of their sourcing and operating processes, the diversity of the workforce, the quality of their governance practices, and more.  

This is the “One”.


Every organization decides who it serves.  One World is focused on helping underserved and underrepresented populations––and the planet which supports us all––through our social impact work for two reasons.  First, we believe it is fair and just to support these populations––a compelling reason in and of itself.  Second, we believe that all populations are ultimately interconnected, and that by helping underserved populations we ultimately help everyone, everywhere––“a rising tide lifts all boats”.  

This is the “World”.


We believe deeply in the power of training and education to transform individuals and organizations. In particular, we believe the social impact field is not fully understood, nor are its concepts embraced by mainstream businesses or the investor community. This holds back the ecosystem as a whole; closing this education gap is what inspires us to do the work we do. From small networking events to full scale multi-day custom programming, we approach our work through a training and education lens.

Additionally, ONE WORLD invests both directly and indirectly in social impact organizations. ONE WORLD Impact Investments is a new seed fund which invests in early stage Bay Area-based social impact organizations.  The ONE WORLD investment syndicate is a collection of angel investors and family offices that have aligned interests and impact investment goals as The ONE WORLD Impact Fund.