Promo reels (aka demo reels, promo videos, pitch reels, corporate highlight reels) are 1-to-5 minute videos that combine visuals, audio, and concise messaging to create an overview of a product, service, initiative or brand. Here are some of the game-changing 2016 winners  to inspire you.

Most Innovative Storytelling Award
The Women of Nyamonge Present: Netball
Org: Mama HopeFilm-maker: Bryce Yukio Adolphson

Most Effective Messaging Award
Org: Medic Mobile
Film-maker: Gabriel Diamond,
Skoll Foundation

Most Moving Video Award
Special Gift
Org: Adopt A Family of Marin
Film-maker: Ken Fisher, Truth Be Told 

Best Overall Award
Chirps Chips Video
Org: Six Foods
Film-makers: Daniel Garber and Alex Morelli

Most Creative Cinematography Award