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Impact Profile  

Innovative “Intraprise”



Sustainable Development Goals:

#8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

#9 Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure

#17 Partnerships for the Goals


Business Drivers:

Increase market awareness

Strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty

Create new market opportunities




Box is a cloud content management platform that solves simple and complex challenges for over 85,000 organizations, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention. enables nonprofits to innovate and fulfill their mission. Their values are ACT10x - 10x'ing impact through Altruism, Community and Technology. They have three main ways that they create impact -- the donation/discount of the Box product, mobilizing Box employees (Boxers) to volunteer and give, and finding creative ways to embed impact within existing Business practices of Box, Inc. 



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People are increasingly impacted by the rapidly changing challenges society and the globe faces today.  The global social impact sector, specifically nonprofits, are inundated with problems to solve. While nonprofits are increasingly creating innovative solutions to social and environmental issues, they are restricted based on a variety of resources, from funding and mentorship to human capital.


Box has partnered with of thousands social impact organizations to-date and anticipate many more through the creation of the Fund supported by Tides.  Box will initially populate the Box Fund through equity and cash and a scalable “virtuous cycle” will allow nonprofits to continue to succeed with Box cloud content management and invest in it.  Box can then mobilize nonprofit capacity building, also coined as “Biznevelonce.”  These largely unrestricted grants will offer tremendous opportunity for nonprofits.

“In addition to enabling success for all nonprofits leveraging the Box cloud content platform in their work, we'll now focus more on addressing the needs of organizations working to scale youth well-being, tech sector inclusion and humanitarian aid delivery.”
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- Bryan Breckenridge, Executive Director,


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WHAT's NEXT continues to enable impact innovation through Box’s technology including donated and discounted access.  They empower and engage employees through community stewardship and drive impact through partnerships and investing.  See how Box engages with nonprofits here.


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