ONE WORLD is proud to support the following  entrepreneurs and their organizations:

BioCellection develops advanced technologies to transform unrecyclable plastics into virgin-quality chemicals for sustainable supply chains.  By focusing on the 92% of plastic waste too contaminated and difficult to recycle, we are unlocking a massive resource that leads to unprecedented opportunities.

CEO:  Miranda Wang 

Electric vehicles for short-distance transportation

CEO:  Jeff Russakow

Chirps uses crickets milled into a flour to make tortilla chips (Chirps).  The goal is to substitute animal protein with insect protein, thus converting livestock farming to insect farming. By doing so, we will reduce land & water usage, and green gas emissions.

CEO:  Laura D’Asaro

CNote is an alternative to your traditional savings account, but unlike banks, we choose to lend 100% of your dollars to drive community impact.

Better return, lots of good karma.

CEO: Cat Berman

Elemeno Health develops a proprietary cloud-based solution for front-line healthcare teams that is context-driven, and offers a microlearning platform designed to advance quality and patient safety at the point of care.

CEO: Dr. Arup Roy-Burman

Front Row Education. makes adaptive, gamified, and data-driven education programs for classrooms that K-8 students use to learn at their own pace.

Within these classrooms, students who are ahead practice material that's harder, while students who are behind are provided tools that fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

Freckle was acquired by Renaissance Learning in May, 2019.

CEO:  Sidharth Kakkar

Full Cycle tackles plastic pollution and climate change by transforming organic matter into a compostable alternative to oil-based plastics.

CEO:  Andrew Falcon

Hooray Foods makes delicious plant-based meats in an effort to combat climate change and reduce animal suffering. Their first product is a plant-based bacon that’s designed to look, handle, and taste just like real bacon.

CEO: Sri Artham

Ketos is focused on delivering water intelligence by building innovative patented hardware, software fabric and data analytics to help drive a global impact.

CEO:  Meena Sankaran

LiftEd is an application that empowers educators and related service professionals to measure, analyze, share, and accelerate learning outcomes for the ~7 million preK-12 students in special education.

CEO: Andrew Hill

Lilac Solutions is transforming lithium extraction.  Our unique ion exchange technology enables lithium producers to streamline operations, boost lithium recovery, and access new resources.

CEO:  David Snydacker

Meru Health is an online medical clinic specialized in treating depression. We offer unparalleled quality and effectiveness of care with the latest technology and personal support from healthcare professionals. 

CEO: Kristian Ranta

MindBlown Labs is a financial wellness innovation lab. The company specializes in applying design thinking and gamification to create game-based experiences to motivate Millennials to save and invest for the future.

CEO: Jason Young

In 2015, we began developing and perfecting the world's only algae- and plant-based shrimp. Using natural ingredients and cutting-edge science, we bring you a shrimp that is uncompromising in taste. A shrimp without slavery, bycatch, shellfish allergens, antibiotics, and ecosystem devastation.

CEO: Dominique Barnes

At, we provide birth control delivered to your mailbox, 3 months supply, automatic refills and if you need it, a prescription for birth control via our Pandia Medical Group MD partners for a fee. No one runs out of birth control on our watch. We will take care of you so you don't have to worry about your birth control.

CEO: Sophia Yen

PastureMap is a technology company that empowers farmers and ranchers to be more profitable while building healthy grasslands. Grasslands comprise 1/3 of our global land mass, and building healthy grasslands to keep carbon in the soil is a critical lever in addressing climate change.

CEO: Christine Su

Sylvatex uses a proprietary platform that leverages the fundamentals of chemical interactions to produce low cost, higher performing solutions that have industrial applications in billion dollar markets.

CEO:  Virginia Klausmeier

Wright Electric is building commercial electric airplanes for lower costs and lower emissions.  Our first plane is an airliner designed for flights like New York-Boston, London-Paris, and Seoul-Jeju.  Wright Electric’s goal is for every short flight to be zero-emissions within 20 years.

CEO:  Jeffrey Engler