Impact Profile - DELL  

Empowering Customers to Give Back Through Electronics Take-back




Sustainable Development Goals:

#1 No Poverty

#4 Quality Education

#9 Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure

#10 Reduced Inequalities

#11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

#12 Responsible Consumption & Reduction

#17 Partnerships for the Goals


Business Drivers:

Increase market awareness

Strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty

Build resilient, sustainable supply chains

Reduce manufacturing costs


Dell, an American multinational computer technology company, is committed to driving human progress through technology to support people and the planet. Their FY17 annual update on their 2020 Legacy of Good Plan conveys several initiatives team members, customers, suppliers, and partners are implementing to achieve Dell’s commitment to build a Legacy of Good.  These initiatives range from Net Positive, Supply Chain, Environment, Community, and People.



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Learning tools, such as computers and technology programs, are expensive to supply at underprivileged schools across the globe.  Without access, students are not gaining the necessary knowledge and skills required to be competitive as the world continually advances in technology.

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Dell’s Asset Resale and Recycling Services’ (ARR) custom donation service, now offered globally, provides enterprise customers, such as Dutch bank, ABN AMRO, with responsible, secure commercial recycling solutions.  Instead of throwing away retired technology, ABN AMRO now donates refurbished Dell systems to local underprivileged schools.  

To begin, Dell collects and tags ABN AMRO’s used equipment and securely overwrites all data. Next, they donate refurbished systems to the City of Amsterdam school district, loading the systems with all necessary educational software.  Dell resells any remaining systems, so the proceeds fund the donation program at no additional cost to ABN AMRO. Lastly, when the donated systems reach their end of life at schools, Dell collects and responsibly recycles them.

In FY17, Dell’s ARR service helped ABN AMRO donate more than 1,200 systems to over 80 primary schools throughout Amsterdam, fostering computer literary and coding curriculum in their public education community.

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With Dell handling all operational aspects, ABN AMRO dedicates their free time to volunteerism.  Last year, the ABN AMRO Foundation partnered with the City of Amsterdam on the Coding for Amsterdam project, which set a world record for the most students (11,386) coding on a single day.

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“This program helps us achieve more social impact from each dollar we invest. And by giving computers a second life, we can help reduce the demand for raw materials.”
- Richard Kooloos, ABN AMRO’s Director of Sustainable Banking


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