At ONE WORLD we believe:

  • each organization should determine which impact goals apply best to their business and mission

  • all organizations should track and report on social/ environmental goals with the same rigor as financial goals

  • in accountability and transparency with respect to goals; make them public, share them with your stakeholders at least once a year


The main goals that ONE WORLD utilizes to track our progress against our mission are as follows:

  1. Number of Professionals Trained:
    Throughout each year, in programs large and small, from our open programs such as The Impact Summit, and smaller, roundtable and custom programs, we have the opportunity to design programming for professionals including entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate leaders. This figure is a grand total of the number of individuals who attend each of our programs in a calendar year.

    Since Inception: 2,000+

    2019 Goal: 850

  2. Number of Businesses Supported:
    We track the total number of instances we support a social impact organization- typically the early-stage enterprises in our network- in a way we deem as “strategic” such as helping them identify a funder, advisor, or customer or employee.

    Since Inception: 155

    2019 Goal: 75

  3. Amount of Capital Invested:
    This figure represents both capital invested into companies via the ONE WORLD Impact Investment fund, as well as from members of our syndicate, where we had a significant role in facilitating the investment.

    Since Inception: $800K

    2019 Goal: $500K

* Since inception includes the period from 2015 to 2018.


Each January, we publish an annual Impact Snapshot, highlighting our impact goals to date, the goals for the current year, as well as other key programs and dates for ONE WORLD.

Click HERE to download the 2019 Impact Snapshot in PDF.

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