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Innovations in Corporate Social Impact Summit

  • Equinix 1 Lagoon Drive Redwood City, CA, 94065 United States (map)

This program brings together professionals in Bay Area corporations who have direct and indirect responsibility for the social and environmental impact of their organization.  There are many efforts underway in large and mid-sized companies designed to increase social impact, many of which go well beyond traditional corporate social responsibility efforts.  This program is designed to provide practical examples of the ways in which companies are driving impact while also achieving business goals.  

What’s Unique

  • Participants - Attendees from a variety of corporate functions, including HR, product and service line leaders, Finance, Marketing & Sales, and Operations.

  • Focus - The program is focused on corporate initiatives where both financial and social goals are achieved simultaneously

  • Local - Part of the goal is to foster stronger connections among the local Bay Area ecosystem of professionals in companies

Event Topics

  • The state of Corporate Social Impact in Silicon Valley: Why is this important?  What impact on community, environment, and employees is achieved today? The “right thing to do” and/or good for the bottom line?  What does the research tell us?
  • Leveraging the entire corporate portfolio: What are CSR offices doing effectively, and what are their constraints? How are companies funding - directly and indirectly- other organizations that drive social impact? Human capital- from frontline employee to senior executive- how do companies leverage talent to drive social impact?
  • Designing & Delivering products for a diverse user base: How are companies delivering products and services for underserved populations, domestically and abroad?

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