ONE WORLD relies on strong partner support to carry out its mission, and is proud to collaborate with the following organizations:

One World delivered new professional connections and stimulating conversation - both of which have continued long after I attended an Impact Investor Roundtable Discussion. Silicon Valley needs more exposure to impact investing and vice versa.
— Ted Levinson, Founder / CEO, Beneficial Returns
Meeting Scott Saslow and getting connected with One World was a turning point in our seed fundraising process. Through their events, I got connected with a network of impact investors which ultimately comprised the majority of funding in my seed round. Most importantly, they were high integrity, seasoned executives who shared my values. We were aligned on tackling long-term global challenges instead of chasing unicorns. What a breath of fresh air in Silicon Valley!
— Christina Su, Founder / CEO, Pasturemap
Reflecting on my Leader Exchange experience: it is sometimes hard for us as a non-profit to interface with a big company. But due to a fantastic program design and facilitation by One World and the DukeCE, it didn’t take long and were exploring ways to push our collaborative mission forward to improve health in the hardest to reach communities, and to really implement social impact and change by working together. UCB Pharma leaders and I came up with 5-6 ideas in three different countries where we both work that interact with their CSR departments, but also their core business. This wouldn’t have happened without the Leader Exchange and we are very grateful to have been part of it. It was a welcomed surprise to receive financial support to help us further our mission, and a clear sign of support for our work.
— Josh Nesbit, Co-Founder / CEO, Medic Mobile
We had a highly engaging assignment working with two dozen top executives of a large global pharmaceutical client. As part of an educational program we introduced them to One World. One World brought innovative elements to the program design with representatives from their strong network of social impact professionals in Silicon Valley. The result was a high impact learning experience for the executives including the creation of highly beneficial lasting relationships. Scott and Angie are highly collaborative and professional in their approach and a pleasure to work with
— Adam Pacifico, Managing Director, Duke Corporate Education