Twice a year, ONE WORLD hosts Impact Investing In Silicon Valley which includes a "demo day" of 8-10 social impact companies presenting their business to the audience.  The program on September 21st will be the third such event.

We are fortunate to have a community of partner organizations that help in the selection process to determine which companies will present at the demo day portion of the program.  

Caprock Group * Cooley LLP * Bay Area Impact Investing InitiativeBerkeley Angel Network * Berkeley Skydeck * Better Ventures * Camelback VenturesFood Systems 6 * Gratitude Rail Road * Impact Hub Oakland * Impact Hub San Francisco * Investors' Circle * Just Business * Kapor Center * LaunchPad Digital Health * Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University * Obvious Ventures * Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs * Stanford Graduate School of Business - Center for Social Innovation * SV2 * Toniic * Westly FoundationY Combinator


The process begins approximately two months prior to the program with us asking our partner organizations to suggest companies that fit the general criteria:

  • For profit social impact companies
  • Bay Area based
  • Early stage (in process of raising or soon will be raising seed round investment)  

With this input and our own research, we then compile a master list of candidate companies, generally between 50 and 100 companies.  One month out this list is circulated again to our partners for their voting on the best candidates to present at the demo day.  ONE WORLD compiles the votes and recommendations and ultimately publishes a final list of presenting companies.

What follows below is the master list of candidate companies, inclusive of the presenting companies.

Please contact ONE WORLD for additions and edits to this list.



Althea Health     Healthcare     CEO: Manu Kodiyan

Enables faster solutions for the numerous rare disease communities that impacts individuals and their loved ones by accelerating existing drug developments to corresponding patent populations which pharma is not able to reach effectively.


Better Place Forests     Consumer Products     CEO: Jamie Knowlton

Better Place Forests creates, operates and maintains protected spreading forests for families who want to create natural memorials.


Climate Solutions Net     Clean Technology CEO: Lisa Altieri

A fun, easy to use online platform where people can learn about solutions, and find resources and products for taking action.


College Backer     Education Finance     CEO: A. Chou 

On a mission to democratize access to the best tools and information available to prepare financially for college, and in so doing bring families together to support their younger generation.


Community Insight     Technology     CEO: Perla Ni

Community Insights empowers non profits to communicate with the communities they serve, collecting data and providing critical services and information.


Copia    Technology     CEO: Komal Ahmad

Copia makes food more accessible to people in our community by redistributing surplus food to feed people in need. By reducing food waste, we save money and resources, minimize environmental impacts, and most importantly, move towards a world where everyone has enough to eat.


DataDoesGood     Technology CEO: Scott Steinberg

To create new sources of funding for charitable causes by helping people see their data as a valuable resource that can be used for the public good.


DiveIn    Social Media     CEO: Andreas Carlos Freund

A new social network of passionate people making a difference in local communities by streamlining community engagement and enriching the participation experience.


Eddily     Education     CEO: J. Solomon 

Eddily is reimagining the college to career path through a unique skill building and campus recruiting platform that is powered directly by employers.


Equal Access     Social Media     CEO: Ronni Goldfarb

With award-winning expertise in communications for social change, Equal Access combines innovative media programming with direct community engagement activities to inform, educate, and inspire individuals and communities, providing them with the skills and tools they need to improve their lives.


Folia Water    Water    CEO: Jonathan Levine

With a simple and robust new technology, Folia Water can provide safe drinking water for billions at the cost of less than a penny a day. Folia filter papers eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, making water safe to drink.


Foris     CleanTech     CEO: Victoria Vegis

Enabling just enough and just in time Resource management by analyzing, interpreting and learning about your farm. It will give you the tools, using your data, your environment, your crops, to make the right decisions bringing you the highest yields at the lowest cost.


Free Will   Estate Planning CEO: Patrick Schmitt

FreeWill provides free and intuitive online tools to help users make legal wills. These tools make it easier than ever to include charitable giving, resulting in a 600% increase in philanthropy over typical estate planning.


Frontline Waste Systems    Environment     CEO: Rob Steir

Through our Starter MRF program, we can build a decentralized and distributed network of waste processing, recycling and disposal facilities (creating waste-free areas) in small cities (under 200,000) throughout the developing world.


Geltor    Food     CEO: Alexander Lorestani

Scavenging essential products from animals presents urgent economic problems, environmental problems, public health problems, and for many, moral problems.


Globein   E-Commerce     CEO: Lisa Moiseeva

Improving the lives of a billion people by connecting them to a globl market.


Good World Solutions    Technology CEO: Heather Franzese

Our mission at Good World Solutions is to use data to create safe and respectful workplaces. Our vision is a world where every worker is heard, and where worker well-being is integral to business success.


Grow Invest    Technology CEO: Douglas Heske

An easy-to-understand, friendly and transparent platform that offers sophisticated sustainable portfolios - GrowShares.


Harvesting     Agriculture CEO: Ruchit Garg

Connecting finance with farmers. Make your lending decisions faster, transparent and reliable using our award winning digital platform built on top of
powerful machine learning & satellite based technologies. We leverage our global understanding and your customer data to provide dynamic risk assessment aligned with your business goals.


HIP Investor     Financial Services CEO: R. Paul Herman 

HIP Investor’s unique methodology rates and ranks all types of investments for future risk, return potential and net impact on society.


Igzu    Food     CEO: Courtney McCoy, Zachary Anderson

By creating and optimizing industry centered around resilient and sustainable ingredients, like bamboo, we are able to have a direct impact on global issues such as: water scarcity, reducing greenhouse gases, deforestation, and economic stability in developing countries.


InPress Technologies    Technology     CEO: Jessie Becker

InPress Technologies is a medical device company working toward a solution to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH)


InvestEd    Finance CEO: John Roberts

Invest Ed connects mobile education to Micro-investment to empower people towards financial sustainability through mobile educational technology.


iPar     Technology CEO: Todd Johnson

Impact transparency software encouraging capital deployment that creates human flourishing.


Keokit    Education     CEO: Marty Evans

An integrated platform to connect teachers, parents, and students.


Labor X    Employment     CEO: Yscaira Jimenez

A talent marketplace for graduates of innovative training programs and companies looking to expand and innovate their talent pipeline.


LaborVoices    Technology     CEO: Kohl Gill

LaborVoices is crowdsourced supply chain intelligence. Gathering intelligence on supply chain employers - created by their workers - entirely via mobile technology. LaborVoices markets intelligence products to Fortune 200 multinational brands and supply-chain managers.


Love Grain    Food CEO: Aleem Ahmed

A new food company with a bold social mission: to connect Ethiopian farmers with international
markets through a line of wholesome, delicious products based on the superfood teff.


Luminate Health     Health CEO: Siddharth Sinha

Luminate Health help labs comply with this policy change while giving you a better lab experience and improving the care you receive from your physicians.


My90     Law     CEO: Kona Shen 

Saas platform helps close the gap between community members and police officers to make the communication more effective.


New Wave Foods     Food     CEO: Dominique Barnes

Make high-quality plant-based seafood alternatives that are good for you by texture mapping traditional seafood and then select sustainable plant-based ingredients to recreate the culinary experience of seafood.


Nimble     Education     CEO: Lauren Dachille

We provide a smart applicant tracking tool that seamlessly manages the hiring workflow, while leveraging machine learning to identify the teachers who will perform best and stay longest.


ProfHire     Education     CEO: Lesa Hammond

ProfHire connects colleges and universities with a diverse pool of vetted scholars and industry professionals


Renewal Mill     Food     CEO: Claire Schlemme 

Renewal Mill utilizes byproduct streams from current food production processes to create nutritious and wholesome products with economic value. By creating new products from byproduct streams, Renewal Mill provides a sustainable business solution for our planet's need to grow more with less.


Roots Studio     E-commerce     CEO: Rebecca Hui

Social enterprise that curates, digitizes, and markets culturally iconic artwork from remote villages.


Safigen     Technology CEO: Lauren Dunford 

Using data to empower emerging market businesses towards the smart, clean future of energy.


SoPact    Technology CEO: Unmesh Sheth 

SoPact is the leading all-in one SaaS plaNorm for all businesses. Designed as the single source of truth for measuring, managing and communicating impact, SoPact delivers the complete Social Impact experience by tightly integrating Salesforce or any other platform of your choice with our own powerful applications of best-of-breed providers on the SoPact platform.


Sparrow     Telecommunication     CEO: Matthew Bauer

A for-profit and for-good national U.S. wireless carrier bringing the successful Buy One Give One business model. For every customer that switches their mobile services to Sparrow, we donate a mobile device or service to someone in need.


Spiio    Environment     CEO: Chris Thorup

A software platform for the remote monitoring of living green walls. Spiio's mission is to make it easier to maintain a green and healthy workspace, while users focus on core business


Springfarms California     Agriculture     CEO: Helene Grossetie-Ruckert

Creating innovative organic farming social enterprises and pathways to employment for unemployed people.


Storyworld     Education     CEO: Cynthia Harrison Barbera

An interactive learning-through-stories language tool for children two years old and up.


Stroll Health     Health     CEO: Jordan Epstein

Stroll endeavors to create a world where healthcare is simple, transparent, and personalized for each person.


Sylvatex      Energy     CEO: Virginia Klausmeier

Sylvatex uses a proprietary platform that leverages the fundamentals of chemical interactions to produce low cost, higher performing solutions that have industrial applications in billion dollar markets.


TeachFX     Education Technology CEO: Jamie Poskin, Berk Coker

TeachFX's mission is to promote more meaningful and equitable classroom dialogue by superpowering teachers' work using technology to provide educators with regular, automated feedback on their practice.


Terviva     Clean Technology & Agriculture CEO: Naveen Sikka

Transforming distressed agricultural lands into productive sources of protein and renewable
bioenergy through pongamia.


The Town Kitchen    Food     CEO: Sabrina Mutukisna

Town Kitchen is a community-driven food business, providing fair-wage jobs and entrepreneurial training to foster youth.


Valor Water     Sustainability     CEO: Karen Meidlinger

We take pride in transforming quantitative and qualitative water utility data into actions that raise the bottom line, boost customer satisfaction, and conserve the most valuable resource on earth.


Vega     Coffee     CEO: Robert Terenzi

Vega Coffee connects coffee lovers more directly with coffee farmers through a coffee subscription service that delivers freshly roasted specialty grade beans directly from the farmers and cooperatives who grow them.