Meet the Speaker and Company Line-Up for 2019 Innovations in Corporate Social Impact

The Innovations in Corporate Social Impact summit on October 30 will bring together corporate leaders, companies and social entrepreneurs and investors in the Bay Area social impact ecosystem. Get to know some of the speakers and businesses that will be sharing their knowledge and insights at the event! 

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CSI 2019 Speakers:


Derek Bingham
Vice President, Goldman Sachs 
Derek is co-head of GS SUSTAIN, a global equity research product focused on identifying common characteristics of long-term industry leaders. Since 2015 he has spearheaded the evolution of GS Research’s ESG analysis including authorship of “The PM’s Guide to the ESG Revolution” in 2017. He relaunched GS SUSTAIN’s “Long-Term Winners Series” in 2019.


Bernadette Clavier
Director, Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business
As the Director of the Center for Social Innovation, Bernadette supports the education of insightful leaders for social and environmental change. Prior to becoming director, she was in charge of the center’s social innovation programs and before that of its communications, digital strategy, and conferences. Bernadette’s commercial background in marketing and communications, product development, and international supply chain management in the distribution sector gives her a deep understanding of the negative social and environmental impacts of our global economy. In academia, she has been researching and sharing insights into new models for impact with emerging leaders as a way to accelerate change and finds most joy working with social entrepreneurs supporting their work from seed to scale.


Katie Ferrick
Senior Director of Workplace, Community & Environment, LinkedIn
Katie leads LinkedIn’s local government relations, local Social Impact, Global Environmental Sustainability, Food & Events programs. She works at the intersection of social impact, local government, environmental sustainability and business with the goal to help our communities function better. As a member of the Global Workplace Services/Real Estate team, Katie develops strategy and programs that prioritize responsible operations that add value to every community in which we operate. When the community is healthy, we all can thrive.


Chris Librie
Social Impact and Sustainability Leader, eBay
Chris is a passionate professional who has created successful social impact strategies and driven breakthrough program results at three major companies, including eBay, Hewlett Packard and SC Johnson. He is an expert at building cross-functional alignment using a business-focused approach.


Julie Rosser Mahowald
CFO, Housing Trust Silicon Valley 
Julie is a results-oriented finance and operations executive with successful record of leading management teams toward sound financial goals in high-growth hardware and software firms, and now in nonprofit financial institutions. She is a respected business partner to management and board member to non-profits. Julie is experienced in start-up as well as large public company ($100M to $8B) financial management. 


Alfredo Mathew
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Earn & Learn 
For over 20 years, Alfredo has been an educator and business development professional, adept at building public and private strategic partnerships to close the equity gap. From teaching in the South Bronx and East Oakland, to developing programs with Silicon Valley companies, he’s at home bridging communities that seldom meet, and establishing relationships meant to last. As the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Earn & Learn, Alfredo creates the business development pipeline for earned income and social impact investment to scale and grow the sustainability of the organization.


Valerie Red-Horse Mohl 
Executive Director, Social Venture Circle
Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, of Cherokee ancestry, is the Executive Director of Social Venture Circle, a non-profit organization with over three decades of combined experience leading the way in the field of social impact; building and galvanizing the business world to create social, economic, and environmental change. She is also the owner/founder of Red-Horse Financial Group, Inc., and has more than 30 years of in-depth experience in the financial services and investment banking industry with a unique expertise in the tribal government sector.  In addition, she is also the owner/founder of Red-Horse Native Productions, Inc., a film and television production company primarily focused on bringing important social impact documentaries to the screen for which she produces, writes and directs.

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Jennifer Young Perlman
Director, Innovation and Partnerships, Pearson 
For the past 18 years, Jennifer has worked across public, private and nonprofit sectors to advance solutions to large-scale social and public policy challenges. At Pearson, she oversees the company's award-winning social impact campaign Project Literacy and its efforts to scale innovation to improve literacy rates worldwide, as well as provide strategic direction and leadership for the broader culture of innovation agenda within the business. Jennifer also serves on the Board of Directors of a community-based nonprofit that advocates for abused and neglected children in foster care. 


Steve Rochlin 
CEO, Impact ROI
Steve helps clients maximize financial, social, and environmental performance. Through research and management consulting, Impact ROI assesses the value of ESG (environment, social, and governance) and enables their clients to design high impact strategies that support people, planet, and profit. As the lead author of the acclaimed Project ROI research series (described by Forbes as “a Godsend”) he has worked to develop the pathway for companies to deliver sustainable and collaborative impact.Steve has over 20 years experience advising global companies from nearly every major B2B and B2C sector, as well as leading NGOs, foundations, multi-lateral organizations, social enterprises, and governments on their ESG, CSR, and Sustainability performance. 


Alicia Seiger 
Managing Director, Lecturer, Sustainable Finance at Stanford University
Alicia is a lecturer at Stanford Law School and leads sustainability and energy finance initiatives at Stanford Law, Graduate School of Business and the Precourt Institute for Energy. Alicia serves as Managing Director for both the Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance and the Sustainable Finance Initiative. Her work focuses on business and financial innovations to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized and climate resilient global economy.


Brian Thomas
Advisor, Connectivity Capital & Professor, Santa Clara University
Brian was a long-serving executive at Equinix, a data infrastructure company that provides real estate, power and network services which underpin the digital world. Over the course of fourteen years, he had the unique privilege of working directly for the CFO, CEO and Executive Chairman on matters relating to Finance, Strategy, Culture and Sustainability.

Meet the CSI Companies and Entrepreneurs:

Get to know the businesses participating in the B2B Startup Showcase. More companies will be announced soon!


Bart Myers, Founder and CEO
Countable: Companies that invest in building meaningful relationships with their customers based on shared values and action will always outperform brands that don't. Countable is the first digital platform that activates, engages and retains your audience...not once, but every day, on your terms.


Dane Anderson, Co-Founder and CTO
Full Cycle Bioplastics tackles plastic pollution and climate change by transforming organic matter into a compostable alternative to oil-based plastics.


Tomás Quiñonez-Riegos, Business Development Manager
LaborX is a talent marketplace aggregating aDane Andersonnd prescreening talent from across a network of vetted alternative education programs, and matching them to employers looking to expand and diversify their pipeline.


Chantal Emmanuel, Co-founder and CTO
LimeLoop is reinventing the experience of sending and receiving goods. We're doing this by replacing the 165B packaging mailed each year with our smart and reusable shipper alternative.


Martha Hernandez, Founder and CEO
madeBOS is an AI career path software that empowers employees to develop their skills for their current job and future promotion opportunities. Their platform is a community where employees feel inspired to learn, stay and grow.


Natalie Zandt, Co-Founder
MeterLeader is a turnkey service that allows companies to engage their employees in fun energy saving challenges, in the same way that they would host an employee fitness challenge. Company employees participating in an energy savings challenge get the opportunity to save money on utility bills, win prizes, and engage in a fun community experience.


Tiphaine Boyer, Co-Founder and COO
Ovio revolutionizes pro-bono work for the tech industry. We bring together social impact organizations, developers and companies to make skill-based volunteering easy and rewarding for all. 


Charlotte Blumenthal, Social Media & Community Coordinator
Replate: Our technology platform enables businesses to schedule on-demand pickups for their surplus food. Replate’s food rescuers bring your donated food directly to those experiencing food insecurity in your community.


Danielle Pensack, Co-Founder and CEO, Deirdre Clute, Co-Founder and COO
Rightfoot is a female-founded company that lifts employees out of student debt. They offer student debt repayment benefits that vest over time, much like equity. The team is backed by VCs like Lightspeed Ventures and Bain Capital. 


Rebecca Dray, Founder and CEO
Society Profits L3C Society Profits is a social enterprise business offering the Social Enterprise Mark third-party accreditation for social businesses and also Social Impact Procurement intermediary services for corporate buyers across the US. Social Enterprise Mark is the only global, third-party accreditation for social enterprise companies and ensures transparency and trust in our sector, mitigating supply chain risk and ensuring buyer confidence.


Eric Quick, CEO
The Town Kitchen is a community-driven food company that employs and trains our youth by delivering chef-crafted meals to corporate clients. The Town Kitchen community addresses a need in the Bay Area area for locally-sourced meals, as well as fair-wage jobs and job training programs for local youth.


Nik Balachandran, Founder and CEO
Zabble’s mission is to reduce waste ending up in landfills today to enable a circular economy tomorrow. Zabble's mobile and AI technology automates waste management analytics for commercial buildings to lower their financial and environmental footprint.