Stake Your Impact: Social entrepreneurs need to project social impact alongside financial goals

Staking one’s impact is actually quite simple- just as social enterprises have financial projections, they need impact projections- yet often don’t have them. Most start-ups that I come in contact with share very detailed three to five year financial projections. I can tell when an entrepreneur has spent countless iterations forecasting revenue growth (typically over-estimated) and expenses for their business (always under-estimated).

When I ask to see projections on social impact, the answer is pretty unsatisfying, often quite general (“we help teachers increase their efficiency” or “we are improving soil health and worker safety”). Everyone has financial pro-formas, almost no one has impact proformas. The notion of specifying impact numbers over a multi-year period is simply not on the radar in most situations.

2019 Bay Area Impact Summit: Connecting the Social Impact Ecosystem

On March 19th, ONE WORLD convened over 150 local founders, investors and other professionals committed to moving capital to Bay Area companies solving problems that benefit people and the planet. At the 2019 BAIS, we heard from ONE WORLD founder Scott Saslow and Program Director Angie Mertens, alongside long-time leaders in the social impact movement like Joel Solomon and Kristin Hull about the ways this ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors is building a brighter future for us all. The program included pitches from 11 innovative entrepreneurs building values-based businesses and insights from our seasoned panel of judges, all actively directing investments into mission-driven companies creating market-based solutions.

Who You'll Meet at the 2019 Bay Area Impact Summit

ONE WORLD's 5th Bay Area Impact Summit will bring together local founders and funders to accelerate social impact in the Bay and beyond. We know that one of the biggest draws- and questions- when considering attending an event like this is, “who will be there?”

A stellar lineup of entrepreneurs, investors and professionals are gathering together with us. We’re getting so excited to connect our community at the BAIS. Check out the full list of speakers, judges, presenting entrepreneurs and attendees below. There are still a few tickets left. We hope you’ll join us!

Social Enterprise Funding: Advice from the Experts

Next month will mark ONE WORLD’s 5th Impact Summit, bringing together early stage investors and social enterprises. As we prepare the 10 social entrepreneurs who will present as part of the program, we are often providing our council on how to present to the audience.

And while there is a ton of advice for traditional high-tech start ups on fundraising, what about for social entrepreneurs who are using the for profit business model to address social and environmental challenges? How might they approach the process? I reached out to several of the top investors and experts in the field, here is what they offered.

And The Presenters Are... (Meet The 2019 Bay Area Impact Summit Demo Day Finalists!)

We are excited to announce the business that will be pitching to our audience and our esteemed panel of judges at the BAIS! These companies are actively scaling social impact in their communities and we are looking forward to showcasing these founders and their enterprises at the event. Thank you to all the entrepreneurs that applied! You can see the full list here.