Hey kids- ask your parents what a “Rolodex” is..

Hey kids- ask your parents what a “Rolodex” is..

B-B Social Enterprise Directory

Beta Release, October 2019

ONE WORLD is creating a Directory of early-stage sustainable, socially driven startups and small businesses with the aim to connecting these companies with mid to large size enterprises and thereby further a more sustainable, inclusive and fairer B2B ecosystem.

In an effort to help both large scale enterprises seeking to create positive social impact via their purchasing and sourcing choices, as well as entrepreneurial companies seeking to identify corporate clients, this Directory will enable new partnerships and drive new business opportunities.

In populating the Directory, we evaluated companies from the following sources: Public Benefit Corporations, B Labs Directory of Certified B Corporations, portfolio companies of notable Impact Investment funds, member companies of membership organizations such as Social Venture Circle, Impact Hub, GSBI at the Miller Center among others.

We are aware of existing efforts to identify similar information by other entities, and it is our hope that our efforts can further the work of existing sources, and benefit the entire ecosystem.  Our goal is to create a Directory that is freely available and open-sourced and that encourages broad participation and remains up to date.

Click HERE to view the beta version of the Directory.

Questions or edits to the Directory content, please email us.