Bay Area Sustainable Food & Agriculture Directory

Beta Release, July 2019

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ONE WORLD is building a Directory of early-stage sustainable food & agriculture startups and investors (funds and angels) based in the Bay Area.  This directory is designed to answer three questions:

  1. Who are the startups?

  2. Who are the investors?

  3. Which investors have invested in which startups?

The accessibility of information on “emerging” startups and investor activity in the sustainable food and agriculture field is limited.  This adds to the challenges for both entrepreneurs seeking capital, as well as investors seeking a comprehensive view of the opportunities.

We are aware of existing efforts to identify similar information by other entities, and it is our hope that our efforts can further the work of existing sources, and benefit the entire ecosystem.  Our goal is to create a Directory that is freely available and open-sourced and that encourages broad participation and remains up to date.

Click HERE to view the beta version of the Directory.

Click HERE to submit additional information to the Directory.

Questions or edits to the Directory content, please email us.

Bay Area Sustainable Food & Agriculture Directory | FAQ

Q: How may I access the directory?

A: The directory is to be accessed via a password-protected link and can be viewed on any device.

Q: What if I would like to contribute a new entry or update/edit a prior entry?

A: We kindly ask that any investor or entrepreneur user who wishes to contribute a new entry to the directory, will fill the Google Form link provided at the end of the One World Directory webpage. 

For any updates or editions, please email us at with subject line stating name and title, and body of the message outlining directory tab, section table, company, and reason for update.

Q: How do I get my company/investment firm’s information to be included on the directory?

A: To be eligible for listing, please contribute any recent agrifood financing activity on your firm’s behalf and we will promptly update your firm’s information, if your firm is not already listed in the directory.

Q: Could I share the directory?

A: Sharing requests can be emailed to us at

Q: What constitutes a sustainable agrifood startup?

A: Any early-stage company whose agriculture/food-based product or service is augmented with a tangible, impactful and defensible solution that provides meaningful value-add to its target addressable market. 

Q: What constitutes a sustainable agrifood investor?

A: Any early-stage accredited investor - venture capital, angel investor, accelerator, foundation - with visible interest, active investment, and continued focus on sustainable agrifood companies.

Q: I know of an investor or investment entity that is specialized in a sustainable agrifood vertical; however they are not located in the Bay Area. Might we still add them?

A: Our priority is to present a deeper lens on the developing ecosystem of sustainable agrifood startups and investors located primarily in the Bay Area. We may choose to expand the geographic focus in time.

Q: Who can I reach out to if I have additional questions not answered here?

A: Please email if you have any additional questions