The digital world is opening up fantastic new opportunities for storytellers of all types, but especially for social impact organizations. Our vision is to provide an innovative festival where experts and newbies in digital short form storytelling can learn, share and create their own stories for good.
— Paula Saslow and Angie Mertens, Founders of RIFF

About RIFF

The Reel Impact Film Festival explores how motion picture is used to spread messages, drive change and achieve commercial goals for social impact organizations. The festival is focused on short films and “promo reels” that social impact organizations- both for profits and not for profits- leverage as part of their strategic communications. With the number of social impact companies growing rapidly and the explosion of the use of video online, social enterprises must embrace visual storytelling to effectively get their message out and drive the change they desire.

The festival includes an opening reception, keynote speaker and panels, several rounds of screening a variety of reels, networking opportunities, workshops and a closing ceremony with an award session.

Workshop areas include:

  • Create your story – Identifying the most compelling pieces of your story or mission.
  • Create the reel – Producing a movie that captures the essence of your message.
  • Create the buzz – Marketing tools & techniques to distribute your movie.

RIFF Advisors